Make sure the buyer satisfies any conditions on time.

Help you satisfy any conditions by the agreed date.

Check the transfer documents received from the buyer's lawyer before you sign them.

Arrange for your mortgage (if applicable) to be repaid from the sale proceeds.

Arrange for the water meter to be read and pay  the account.

Prepare a settlement statement showing how much the buyer must pay you including an adjustment for rates.

Send you a statement showing the movement of money and the balance available to you (if applicable).

Receive the balance of the purchase price from the lawyer acting for the buyer and hand over the title documents.

Pay the balance monies available to your bank account (if applicable).

Pay the rates if necessary.

Pay any real estate agent commission on your behalf.

Notify the Council and Valuation Department of the sale.

Advice in relation to your Will.


Sign the documents transferring the house to the buyer.

Cancel your house insurance as at the day the monies are received from the buyer (that is, the settlement date) AND NOT BEFORE.  We will arrange this if you prefer.

Notify your insurance company with whom you have your contents insurance that you are shifting.

Arrange for the Power Board to read the meter on the settlement day.

Arrange for Telecom to cancel or transfer your telephone.

Cancel existing newspaper.

Complete a change of address form at the Post Office.

Advise your change of address to the doctor, dentist, banks, Social Welfare, Inland Revenue Department, insurance company, work, children's schools, rental and hire purchase companies, stores where you have an account, etc (where applicable).

Arrange for the keys to be left with the real estate agent or our office on the settlement date unless you make some other arrangement directly with the buyer.

Physically move out of your house on the morning of settlement or before if possible.

Consider whether you need to make or revise your Will to fit your present circumstances.


DG Law Selling Checklist (PDF - 600kb)