The sale and purchase of real estate is often described as highly stressful and one of the largest financial investments most of us make

We aim to achieve for you the complete result. You get from us someone who is:-


  • Someone who has a sound knowledge of legal issues, technical excellence and attention to detail:
    • Identifies potential problems which adversely affect you; and
    • Deals with problems raised by the seller; and
    • Is totally familiar with the Agreement for Sale and Purchase.
  • Someone who explains matters in plain English:
    • Explains the legal title and Land Information Memorandum Report plainly; and
    • Explains problems and options (if any) so you can understand them.
  • Someone who you can readily contact and ask questions.
  • Someone who minimises any stress:
    • Makes things happen as smoothly as possible; and
    • Takes care of your financial needs. For mortgage advice in your best interests simply call us first; and
    • Helps you satisfy any conditions by the agreed date; and
    • Makes sure the seller satisfies any conditions on time; and
    • Liaises with other professionals
      eg. real estate agents/ territorial authority/ lending institutions/ insurers/ accountants;
    • Provides the Solicitors Certificate to your lending institution (where applicable).
  • Someone who gives extra advice:
    • Advice in relation to Wills and Enduring Powers of Attorney; and
    • Tax advice, particularly in relation to financial structures relating to rental and business loans; and
    • Advice in relation to defacto property rights; and
    • Advice in relation to pre-purchase inspection, deposits and practicalities of shifting; and
    • Precontract advice (if given the opportunity) before its too late!!
    • Advice in relation to ownership of the property generally and for other reasons such as creditor protection including Trusts; and
    • Arranging settlement with the lawyer acting for the seller (ie, paying the balance of the purchase price in exchange for the title documents) and registering the transfer of ownership to you and any mortgage documents at Land Information New Zealand.

We are always interested in receiving your feedback so we can improve our service to you.
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What you Should do


  • Let us know as soon as possible if the property is to be an investment property.
  • Let us know if you are on-buying and have an existing fixed rate loan. This may alter your finance arrangements.
  • Let us know if you need a mortgage.
  • Take the necessary steps to satisfy any conditions by the agreed date.
  • Send the application for a Land Information Memorandum (which we will supply you with) to the Territorial Authority as soon as possible (if you choose to obtain this).
  • Be sure to read our letters carefully and thoroughly to ensure you respond to any issues raised by us.

Once the agreement is unconditional you need to:

  • Arrange permanent house insurance cover with effect from the settlement date noting your lending institutions interest on the policy (if applicable). We can arrange this if you prefer. Provide us with a certificate of insurance from your insurance company at least 4 working days before the settlement date.
  • Let us know if you are in business as we can give advice on creditor protection. This may alter how you own your new property.
  • Arrange contents insurance. We can arrange this if you prefer. Notify your insurance company with whom you have your contents insurance you are shifting.
  • Sign the Mortgage documents (if applicable).
  • Arrange a pre-purchase inspection through the real estate agent close to settlement.
  • Arrange payment of your share of the money as early as possible on the settlement date (if not before). We shall send you a statement showing you the amount of money required from you.
  • Contact Telecommunications/Electricity Supplier.
  • Cancel existing newspaper.
  • Complete a change of address form at the Post Office.
  • Advise your change of address to the doctor, dentist, banks, Social Welfare, Inland Revenue Department, insurance company, work, childrens schools, rental and hire purchase companies, stores where you have an account, etc (where applicable).
  • Dont worry about land and water rates. We shall take care of this for you.

Get out your old Wills and have a look at them. Do they need changing? Do you have Enduring Powers of Attorney?

  • Do you need safe storage for any important documents and personal effects? If so, ask us about our Safety Deposit Service.
  • Let us know if you are interested in forming a Family Trust. We can provide you with further information.

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DG Law Buying Checklist (PDF - 639kb)