Court Services

We provide services in all three Civil, Criminal and Family Court areas of law.

This also includes assistance with preparation for the Disputes Tribunal and Tenancy Tribunals.  Note that the Tribunals do not permit parties to be represented by a lawyer at that level.

We are also a member of Collaborative Family Practices and focus on mediation as one of our specialties.

Civil Matters

For more information about recovery of a debt see here.

For more information about employment law services see here.

Family Law 

We cover all aspects of family law - childcare and custody issues, relationship property, preventing a child from being taken out of New Zealand.

Each family has it's own unique properties so please call one of our family lawyers, Peter Chan or  Nilson Geiger  to discuss confidentially with us.

We only do Legal Aid with regards to domestic violence cases.

Criminal Matters

We only do limited criminal law work relating to moderate offences, drink driving offences and limited licence applications.

If you need assistance with any of our Court Services, please contact DG Law on 09 574 5316